The Reindeer Chronicles

The Green Scarf

Ever wonder how Santa’s “other” Reindeer came to pull his sleigh? Meet the young Dasher, Dancer Prancer & Vixen; Comet, Cupid, Donner and Blitzen as they begin their quest to become one of Santa’s flying reindeer! This delightful story will capture your child’s attention as they meet new friends and follow along with their adventures.


The Reindeer Chronicles series earned the "Gold Seal of Literary Excellence".

Summer Camp

Book II of The Reindeer Chronicles

Reindeer – they’re not just for Christmas anymore. So before our young Reindeer friends head off to Flight School in the Fall, it’s time for Summer Camp. Follow them as they develop their own unique looks, styles and personalities. Summer Camp will allow children to grow along with the young Reindeer. It will entertain as well as provide parents and their children a vehicle to discuss valuable young adult “Life” issues together.



LaKisha’s World


Welcome to LaKisha's World. The idea behind this book is to teach young children a little something about the things they see around them everyday. Through the developing storyline, I hope t instill in a child's young mind a sense of acceptance of others and the power of friendship.



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